Our love for simplicity and our twenty-year experience of in-house production of baked goods, sweets and fresh pasta make us proud to offer a rich selection of goods realized daily with seasonal raw materials.

In our shop, you can taste our ancient tastes in their purest form, smell the scent of freshly baked bread and sweets, and taste the unique flavor of our pasta, following traditional methods passed down over hundreds of years.

Discover our tasteful delicacies

Bread, pizza and focaccia

Real artisan bread

Bread with starter, whole, formentone, nuts, chestnuts, sesame-or-poppy seeds and multi-cereal bread, typical potato-bread, panini “zoccoletti”, “manine” (little hands) of soft bread and much more. Potatoes or-emmer cakes on demand. Every day, we also have a wide array of pan or by-the-slice pizzas and simple or-filled focaccia bread.

Caked and baked goods

Jam tarts, castagnaccio, bomboloni, pasimata, tiramisù, zuccherini biscuits, brioches, buccellato di Lucca and more.

Sweets, cakes and biscuits

Fresh pasta

Authentically handmade

Ravioli, tortelli of the original recipes belonging to Ravina Restaurant, maccheroni, gnocchi, cannelloni, tagliatelle and other kinds of pasta.

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