Local products belong to the geographic district of the province of Lucca, where the microclimate, water and land strongly influence our cuisine.

The mountain people made this heritage simply excellent, so that the poorest dish becomes a stunning discovery. We love to preserve these ancient traditions and rituals. 

Some products obtained first the IGP and DOP qualification and are recognized as biodiversity heritage by Slow Food association.

Discover local food of Garfagnana


From the grazing lands of Garfagnana, a selected milk of our sheep is used for producing the local excellent cheese, able to satisfy all palates.  Pecorino of Garfagnana is the most famous local cheese, both fresh and seasoned.

We have a wide selection of dairy products: from pecorino to gruyere, from goat cheese to gorgonzola.


Garfagnana is a land of great interest for wine. We sell the local prestigious DOC wines, and other spirits or liqueurs.

Other products

We sell also the following other typical foods

• Farro della Garfagnana IGP (emmer) and its flour;

The 8-row maize flour, known as Formenton 8 file. A particular type of corn mainly used for polenta

• Chestnut flour;

• Neccio flour, a kind of chestnut flour

• Extra-virgin olive oil of Lucca’s hills

Beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, honey and jam

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